Our Dumps, Flat beds, Bottom dumps, Tanks and other equipment denotes the great quality of Gallegos Trailers.


Gallegos Trailers a family-owned business founded in 1978 by Don Perfecto Gallegos, started as repair and maintenance shop developing into a successful world-wide manufacturing corporation. In 1982 Gallegos achieves OEM National registry and starts offering specialized equipment solutions for the construction, mining and transportation Industry.

Over the years, commitment and constant dedication to quality and service triggered the expansion into the leading Latin American markets. In 1995 Gallegos pursued the North American Market, exporting low boys and flatbed trailers, cement drums, grain hoppers, steel tanks, pneumatics, bottom dumps, end dumps, and dump bodies to the U.S. and Canada.

More than ever, to this date Gallegos lives up by the core values of its founder: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. These thrust forces are the fuel to become a major exporter across the world for all types of trailers and equipment. In 2012, with the construction of the New Aluminum plant, Gallegos builds state of the art aluminum Tanks, pneumatics, dumps trailers (Hybrid as well) and bodies.


Gallegos also incurred in the Oil and Gas industry and features a full line of heavy-duty Oilfield Service Equipment. With the advances of modern technology along with capital equipment, Gallegos mission is to provide the most reliable equipment on the road and field, recognized for their productivity, efficiency, durability, and safety.

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